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MCI Delegation of Authority

Public Act 30 of 2011 amended the Michigan Children's Institute (MCL400.201 et seq.) to permit the MCI superintendent to appoint a designee to consent to adoption, marriage, emancipation, and guardianship for MCI wards. As a result of that amendment to the statute, it is permissible for the MCI superintendent to appoint other DHS staff to consent to these actions on behalf of DHS. County directors and county child welfare directors have been appointed to consent to adoption of children by recommended families in cases that meet the criteria in Adoption Services Policy ADM 850 for "Expedited" consent requests." Requests for consent to adoption which do not meet the criteria for "Expedited" consents must be sent to the MCI office in Lansing. "Expedited" consent requests must be sent to the county director in the county where termination of parental rights took place even if the adoption will be filed in a different county. Attached is a listing of county directors with contact information.