Michigan House Civics Commission Unveils Web Site


The Michigan House Civics Commission (MHCC) today announced the unveiling of its interactive web site, ww.civicscommission.com. This web site, formatted for easy use by teachers and students alike, provides thorough explanation on the purpose of the commission, as well as its many components.


"Finally," said the Commission's Co-Chair Rep. Doug Hart, "Michigan's youngest citizens have a voice in state government! Not only do they have their own legislative committee (House Civics Commission), but now they have their own legislative web resource as well."


The House Civics Commission web site has numerous valuable components, including the following:
*House Civics Commission Curriculum - elementary and high school level units designed to help students become actively engaged in issues of statewide interest. Lessons are correlated to the Michigan Curriculum Framework.
*Semi-Monthly Legislative Updates for Students - updates for elementary, middle, and high school students on issues pertinent and of interest to the students themselves.
*Information about the Michigan Capitol Speakers Bureau - including names of participants, their biographies, and scheduling information.

*Interactive Polls - covering issues of interest to students.
*House Civics Commission Student Public Hearings Schedule - a detailed listing of all upcoming hearings, as well as a summary of testimony provided at past hearings.
*Tips for testifying before the House Civics Commission.
*Links to online government and policy-related web sites.
*Biographies of each House Civics Commission member.


The MHCC web site, www.civicscommission.com, is an initiative of The Civics Institute and was designed by the Interactive Communications and Simulations Group within the University of Michigan's School of Education.


The Michigan House Civics Commission is an ad hoc committee of twenty-one lawmakers who are holding public hearings in schools throughout the state, listening to new bills ideas from elementary, middle and high school students.


Commission members include Representatives Doug Hart (Republican Co-Chair), Ruth Ann Jamnick (Democratic Co-Chair), Marc Shulman (Republican Vice-Chair), Alexander Lipsey (Democratic Vice-Chair), Sandy Caul, Marsha Cheeks, Brenda Clack, Julie Dennis, Judy Emmons, Lauren Hager, Jack Hoogendyk, Jr., Bill Huizenga, Bill McConico, John Moolenaar, Mike Nofs, Mike Pumford, Rick Shaffer, Glenn Steil, Jr., John Stewart, Barb Vander Veen, and Paula Zelenko.


More information can be attained from Rep. Hart's Lansing office at (517) 373-0218.