State Disability Assistance

  • State Disability Assistance (SDA) provides cash assistance to eligible  disabled adults. If you are the caretaker of a disabled person or are age 65 or older, you may be eligible for SDA.

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  • Eligibility 


    Disability Determination  Asset Limits 
    You are considered disabled for SDA purposes if you:
    • Receive disability-related benefits (such as medicaid based on disability or blindness)
    • Reside in a special facility (such as a licensed Adult Foster Care Home); or
    • Obtain certification by MDHHS medical consultants as unable to work due to a mental of physical disability for at least 90 days.
    Effective 12/01/19 the cash asset limit is $15,000. Assets are cash or any property you own. Assets include: 
    • Cash on hand
    • Bank and credit union accounts
    • Investments
    • Retirement plans
    • Trusts
    • Property or real estate (asset limit is $200,000)
    Income  Residency Requirements 
    Most earned and unearned income is counted. Income is considered when determining the amount of SDA you are eligible to receive. Examples of countable income are:
    • Wages.
    • Self-employment earnings.
    • Rental income.
    • Social Security benefits.
    • Veterans benefits.
    The following residency requirements apply:
    • Must be a U.S. citizen (or acceptable alien status). 
    • Must live in Michigan.
    • Must not be receiving cash from any other state.