PFAS Exposure and Antibody Response to COVID-19 Vaccine Study


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What is this study?

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is doing a research study to see if per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) exposure affects how the immune system responds to COVID-19 vaccines, including antibody production.

Participants in this study will have up to four appointments at a study office, each about 30 days apart.  If they get a two-shot COVID-19 vaccine, participants will have up to four study office appointments; if they get a one-shot vaccine, participants will have up to three study office appointments. We will schedule study office appointments according to when participants get their vaccine shots; COVID-19 vaccines are not provided by MDHHS as part of the study.

Each office visit should take 60 minutes or less. During the appointment, participants will give a small blood sample and answer a brief survey.  MDHHS will test the blood samples for PFAS (first sample only) and how the immune system responds to COVID-19 vaccines.  At the end of each appointment, participants will be offered a gift card to thank them for their time. Participants who come to all of their appointments will receive gift cards totaling $55-$135 depending on the number of study office visits needed.

Participants can choose to receive their PFAS blood test results. When we finish the study, MDHHS will share what we learn about PFAS and immune response to the COVID-19 vaccines with participants.

We are committed to protecting all information given to us by participants; all personal information provided is confidential and will be kept private.


Who is eligible for this study?

Adults 18-90 years old who:

  • Are participants or eligible to participate in the Michigan PFAS Exposure and Health Study.
  • Have not yet received COVID-19 vaccine, but plan on getting vaccinated OR have received a COVID-19 vaccine within the past 62 days..


People who are pregnant or have certain health conditions are not eligible for the study.

To check if you are eligible, call 866-558-0732.

If you are eligible, you will be able to enroll in the study when you call.


Why should I participate in this study?

By participating in this study, you may:

  • Learn what your PFAS blood levels are.
  • Contribute to scientific knowledge about how people's immune systems respond to COVID-19 vaccines with different PFAS levels in the blood.
  • Receive gift cards totaling $55-$135 as a thank you.