Pre-Service Institute

Pre-Service Institute

The 9-week Pre-Service Institute (PSI) is a combination of classroom, online, and on the job training (OJT) designed to help new caseworkers learn and put into practice the basic skills necessary to meet the complex needs of the children and families served by the Michigan child welfare system.

PSI training is a step-by–step process that takes many months and requires the help of many people. Training staff and field supervisors share the major responsibility for this task. To assure the transfer of concepts learned in the classroom to the work they do in the field, new hires, their colleagues and supervisors must take an active role in the learning process during PSI training.

To get an overview of the content of PSI training, or directly access training materials, including those needed to complete OJT activities, please follow the links below.

PSI Online Student Guide

Transfer of Learning