2012 Minutes and Audio Transcripts

 Approved Commission, Committee Minutes, and Audio Transcripts

The following links are approved Commission/Standards Advisory Committees (SAC) minutes and audio transcripts. The two most recent Commission Meeting audio transcripts, in 5 MB segments or less, will be available on this Web page. Archived Commission and SAC audio transcripts will be available on a CD-ROM through a FOIA request for a nominal fee. To request a CD-ROM audio transcript, please contact MDCH-FOIA@michigan.gov (provide specific name/date of meeting).

Please note that it may be necessary to download a copy of RealAudio  to play the audio portion of the transcripts.

Public Hearings
November 8, 2012 Public Hearing Audio Transcript
November 8, 2012 Public Hearing Testimony
October 10, 2012 Public Comment Period Written Testimony
May 1, 2012 Public Hearing Transcript                   
May 1, 2012 Written Testimony 
February 9, 2012 Public Hearing Transcript                         
February 9, 2012 Written Testimony

Open Heart Surger Services Standard Advisory Committee
October 2, 2012 OHSSAC Minutes
September 6, 2012 OHSSAC Minutes
August 7, 2012 OHSSAC Minutes
July 12, 2012 OHSSAC Minutes
June 7, 2012 OHSSAC Minutes
May 10, 2012 OHSSAC Minutes

CON Commission Meeting Minutes
December 13, 2012 Commission Minutes 
September 27, 2012 Commission Minutes
June 14, 2012 Commission Minutes
March 29, 2012 Commission Minutes
January 31, 2012 Commission Minutes



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