Education Program Sponsor & Instructor-Coordinator Resources


Initial Education - MFR, EMT, EMT Specialist, & Paramedic

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
Emergency Medical Services Section
Attn: Terrie Godde, Education Coordinator
P.O. Box 30207
Lansing, Michigan 48909
Phone: 517-335-1825
Fax: 517-335-9434

Initial Education - Instructor Coordinator

You may apply for licensure as an Instructor Coordinator if you have completed a Michigan Instructor-Coordinator course within the last 2 years, have three years of field experience providing direct patient care with a licensed Michigan Life Support Agency at the level you are applying for, and are currently licensed in Michigan at or above the level you are applying for. The exam for Instructor Coordinator will be conducted by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.


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Continuing Education - MFR, EMT, EMT Specialist, & Paramedic

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Forms & Publications

All forms and publications are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.  To preview and download the PDF forms, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you do not have this program, it can be downloaded from the Adobe website.

EMS Education Program Sponsors (Initial & Continuing Education)

Instructions for Using Adobe Fillable Forms (9-20-19)

Initial Program Education Sponsor Application (1-9-20)

CE Program Sponsor Application  (1-3-20)

(For use by individual Instructor-Coordinators and Approved Initial Education Program Sponsors offering CE's)

CE Topic Application (9-24-19) (For use by an individual IC)

Satellite Location Application (Revised 9-2018)

Notification of Change in Education Program (Revised 9-2018)

MFR EMR EMT Psychomotor Exam Assurance Statement (Revised: 1/09/20)

MFR EMT Psychomotor Skills Reverification (12/19/18)


Application for CE topic(s) (9-20-19)                          
(For USE by an Approved CE Program Sponsor)

CE Approval Guidelines (Revised: 03/2019)

Education Program Site Visit Report (Revised: 09/2018)

Student File Checklist (Revised: 05/2018)

Program CE Checklist (Revised: 05/2018)

Classroom Requirements (Revised: 05/2018)

Required Equipment Checklist (Revised: 05/2018)

Distance Learning Policy (03/19/19)



Education Objectives and Instructional Curriculum

Medical First Responder 

  MFR Objectives (Revised: 2016)

MFR Instructional Guide (NEW: 2012)

Emergency Medical Technician 

  EMT Objectives (Revised: 2016)

EMT Instructional Guide (NEW: 2012)

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician

  EMT-S Objectives (Revised: 2016)

AEMT Instructional Guide (NEW: 2012)


  Paramedic Objectives (Revised: 2016)

Paramedic Instructional Guide (NEW: 2012)



IC Objectives (Revised: 04/2009)

Medical/Legal Curriculum


Medical / Legal Curriculum (Revised: 02/19)



Additional Educational Materials

National Education Standards (NEW: 2012)

National EMS Scope of Practice (NEW: 2012)

General Forms & Publications

Annual Report (9-20-19)

Course Completion Roster (Revised 09/2019) (Fillable PDF)

Initial/Refresher Education Course Schedule  (Revised 8/16/2018) (Fillable PDF)

CE Program Schedule (Revised: 09/2007) (Fill-in Format) (Microsoft Word)

CE Attendance Roster (Revised: 5/2018)

Sample Proof of Attendance (Chit Sheet) (Revised: 12/2017)

Pre-Approved Standardized CE Credits

  Pre-Approved Standardized CE Credits (Revision: 11/2017)

Online CE Vendors Approved for Michigan Providers (Revision: 11/2017)

Subject Matter Expert/Qualified Instructor Policy (Revised: 01/2020)

Affective Domain Evaluation Tools (Revised: 09/2017)

Instructional Faculty PDF (8/16/18)

Advisory Committe PDF (8/16/18)

National Registry Practical Skill Sheets

  MFR Skills (Revised: 09/2019) (ZIP/PDF File Format)

EMT Skills (Revised: 09/2019) (ZIP/PDF File Format)

Initial/Refresher Education Course Audit Sheets

  MFR (Revised: 2013)
  MFR Refresher
  EMT Matriculation
  EMT  (Revised: 2013)
  EMT Refresher
  EMT-Specialist  (Revised: 2013)
  EMT-Specialist Refresher
  Paramedic Refresher
  RN to EMT

RN to Paramedic  

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