Hospital Pediatric Champions

Hospital Pediatric Champions

Why do emergency departments need Pediatric Champions?

The majority of the nation's children are treated in community and rural emergency departments (EDs) rather than specialized centers such as large children's hospitals. Pediatric visits make up less than 20% of cases at these EDs. As a result, the quality of pediatric emergency care (such as the availability of pediatric-specific equipment, supplies, medications and properly trained emergency personnel) falls below established practice guidelines.

Research has found that children who present to an ED with lower pediatric readiness scores have an increased risk-adjusted mortality with critical illness. Continued efforts to improve ED pediatric readiness may reduce mortality for children.

Pediatric Champion role:

Coordinate delivery and evaluation of pediatric care in the ED: Ideally, but not required to be, an emergency physician and emergency nurse with demonstrated clinical competence and expertise in pediatric emergency care. Increase awareness of pediatric readiness in the facility and promote education on pediatric emergency care.

"Pediatric Readiness is the day-to-day capability of an ED to meet the immediate needs of an ill or injured child"

*Pediatric Champions are also known as Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinators (PECCs)

National Pediatric Readiness Project (Peds Ready Assessment) - Online Portal Opens 5/1/2021


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