Birth Control

  • Birth Control Methods

    There is no single "best" method of birth control. Choosing a method that fits for you at this time in your life is a personal decision.

    You May Want to Ask Yourself:

    • What are my goals about becoming pregnant or preventing pregnancy?
    • Do I want the most effective birth control method possible?
    • Do I want a method that works with or without hormones?
    • How important is it that my birth control method is convenient to use?
      • Do I want a pill I take every day? A method I use every time?
      • A method I place once week? Once a month? Every three months?
      • A method that lasts for three years? Five years? Or longer?


    You Want to Know About Each Method:

    • How each method works to prevent pregnancy?
    • How easy is each method to use?
    • What are the benefits, risks, or side effects?
    • Which methods also protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs)?


    A family planning provider can answer your questions and help you think about your method choice. To learn more about birth control methods for men and women, click below: 


Birth Control for Men
Birth Control for Women