Newborn Screening and Genomics Staff Directory

Newborn Screening (NBS) Section

Mary Kleyn, MS, Manager
Becky Shaulis, MS, Quality Assurance Coordinator
Valerie Ewald, NBSO Administrator and Technical Assistant
Angela Miller, General Office Assistant
Carolyn Smith, Departmental Technician 
Kristen Thompson, MPH, Coordinator
Angela Aldrich, MSN, RN,  Nurse Consultant
Lacey VanLoenen, CMA, BS, Operations Coordinator
Bekezela Kusina, BS, Departmental Analyst
Staci Trevino, Departmental Technician

Public Health Genomics Section

Dominic Smith, MSA, Manager
Barb Bidigare, MPA, Finance and Auditing Specialist
Vacant, Genetics and Birth Defects Coordinator
Kristy Karasinski, MPH, Newborn Screening Follow-up Consultant
Kerri-Lynn Lockwood, MS, CGC NBS Genetics Specialist
Angela Miller, General Office Assistant
Courtney Miller, BS, Birth Defects Program Assistant
Maricar Macalincag, MSc,
Cancer Genomics Program Director
Mary Robinson, RN, BSN, Special Projects Coordinator
Shelby Atkinson, MPH, NBS and Genomics Research Coordinator
Vacant, Adult Genetics Genomics Coo
Vacant, Cancer Genomics Clinical Consultant

Public Health Genomics and Newborn Screening Programs
Genetics & Cancer Genomics Hotline - 517-335-8887

Lifecourse Epidemiology & Genomics Division
P.O. Box 30195
333 South Grand Avenue
Lansing, Michigan 48909