Contacts for Child Support Customer Questions

Child support customer questions (custodial and non custodial parents) are handled by contacting the following:

1.    Contact:  To access your child support case online, go to MiCase and register. This Web site will give you access to payment Information, current amount owed, income withholding information, bench warrant and enforcement hearing information.

2.  Contact:  Local County Friend of the Court 24 hour case information access line , which connects to an Interactive Voice Response System (IVR).  The system allows access to information on your case through a pin access number or will direct you to:

                   The Friend of the Court for:

  • Investigating, modifying or enforcing a court order for custody,  parenting time and support
  • Registering Michigan orders in other states
  • Providing alternative dispute resolution through mediation   programs
  • Assistance in locating a parent
  • Any child support court case hearing or other related activity
  • Change of personal information for court case (to change legal address on court papers send the change of information form to your Friend of the Court).


                 The Michigan State Disbursement Unit (MiSDU) for:             

  • Making a child support payment
  • Address change (for payments or coupon mailings)               
  • Questions on payment coupons
  • Questions about child support payments
  • Lost/stolen child support checks
  • IVR clarification/PIN resets
  • Electronic Disbursement (debit card and direct deposit)

3.  Contact:  Office of Child Support/Central Operations (866) 540-0008 for:

  • Bankruptcy (payer) impacts on enforcement of child support 
  • Passport denial/ Income tax refund offset program
  • Enforcement through recovery of financial assets
  • Referral service to the appropriate Friend of the Court or Support Specialist

4.  Contact:  Office of Child Support/Support Specialists (866) 540-0008 or (866) 661-0005:

  • To begin a child support case
  • To voluntarily establish paternity (add the name of the father to the birth certificate)
  • Assistance in locating a parent

5.     Contact:  Local Prosecuting Attorney for:

  • Establishing paternity (determining the legal father of a child) by DNA testing and/or a court order
  • Establishing child support amount in court orders, establishing parenting time and custody arrangements (Child support amounts are determined by using the Michigan Child Support Formula Manual and may be computed by either the Prosecuting Attorney or Friend of the Court.)
  • Modify prior child support orders (There are county differences in the modification process. The modification service is performed by the Prosecuting Attorney in some counties and by the Friend of the Court in other counties.)



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