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County Level

Diversion Center: a designated drop off point for law enforcement to utilize that ensures a no refusal acceptance of a person who may fit the criteria for jail diversion, to get assessments done and receive treatment while awaiting care in lieu of incarceration.

Local law enforcement training dates: a calendar of upcoming LE trainings around the state that would include Crisis intervention Trainings (CIT), Managing Mental Health Crisis Trainings (MMHC), Michigan Crisis Intervention Service trainings (MI-CIS) and Mental Health First Aid trainings.

Community Mental Health Association Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice Workgroup Reports: any and all reports coming from the Community Mental Health Association and the workgroup affiliated with this organization outlining progressive jail diversion strategies on a statewide level.

Juvenile Justice Programs: any information that stems from the Mental Health Diversion Council’s Juvenile Justice Subcommittee and information from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Juvenile Justice/Services to Children and Families division that pertains to justice involved youth and any means that would steer them away from further detainment.

MAC News: any news from the Michigan Association of Counties that would pertain to jail diversion efforts around the state, Stepping Up resolutions, and how counties can better utilize resources to better address jail diversion issues in their communities.

Local Specialty Courts: any information on specialty courts including mental health courts, drug courts, veterans’ courts, juvenile mental health courts ect. That could impact a local community and how they could utilize these courts for jail diversion efforts.  Could also include information from the State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) on grant opportunities and getting started.

Probation/Parole: information on the role of probation and parole in the jail diversion process including the direct involvement of agents in the managing of diversion participants, testimony to the courts and assistance with linkage to appropriate treatment when needed.

VRSS and other Veteran Initiatives: information on the Veteran’s Re-entry Search Service in local jails and other veteran’s initiatives around the state including VA information, Veteran Navigators and information coming out of the Veteran’s Subcommittee from the Mental Health Diversion Council.

Local SA Initiatives: information locally about Substance Use Disorder and how local programming could help jail diversion efforts, drug court involvement and criteria, Medicated Assisted Treatment (MAT) use in local jails, Vivitrol and Methadone initiatives in local jails, information on SAMHSA grants