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No child is too young to have their hearing and vision screened. Your child’s hearing and vision impacts their success in school. An undiagnosed hearing problem may impact your child’s ability to pay attention or follow directions. An undiagnosed vision problem may affect your child’s ability to read and learn. 

Michigan Public Health Law requires local health departments to offer hearing and vision screening at no cost to children and their families at least once between the ages of 3 through 5 years. Screenings continue with school entry for hearing (grades K, 2, and 4) and vision (grades 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 or in conjunction with driver’s training). 

Kindergarten Entry in Michigan: 
It is also required that all children entering kindergarten have their hearing and vision screened prior to the first day of school. If your child is not enrolled in a formal school setting, they can receive free screenings at your local health department by appointment. 

Contact your Local Health Department here:
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Does Your Child Have a Hearing or Vision Problem?

Your child may have a hearing problem if they:

  • Have a history of ear infections or drainage from the ears
  • Wants the television or radio louder
  • Misunderstands directions or asks to have things repeated

Your child may have a vision problem if they:

  • Squints or tilts their head to see
  • Has an eye that crosses or wanders when the child is ill or tired
  • Holds objects close to their eyes

If your child experiences any of these symptoms, contact your local health department now to have their hearing and vision tested.

Don't wait! The screening is FREE!

  • Hearing and vision screenings, conducted by your local health department, begin at age 3 and are continued in the schools.
  • No child is too young to be screened
  • The earlier a problem is identified, the sooner it may be corrected preventing a permanent loss of hearing or vision 

Contact Your Local Health Department