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Mobile Dentistry

Mobile Dentistry in Michigan

P.A. 100 of 2014- Mobile Dental Facility

In April, 2014 legislation passed regarding the practice of mobile dentistry in the State of Michigan.  Beginning April 1, 2015 the mobile dental law takes effect.  From this date forward, an operator or owner of the mobile dental facility must complete an application and be approved by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS).  A Mobile Dental Facility Permit will be issued for three years from the date of approval.  Every three years the mobile dental facility operator, owner, or his or her designee, shall reapply to MDHHS and receive approval to continue the practice of mobile dentistry in the State of Michigan.


Mobile Dentistry Law

DCH-3929 Mobile Dental Facility Permit Application (rev. 1-18)  

Mobile Dental Facility Permit Directory

DCH-3929-GUIDE Guidelines for Completing the Mobile Dental Facility Permit Application (rev. 1-18)

Mobile Dental Facility Notification of Change Form Add or Remove Dental Providers

Notification of Change for Mobile Dental Facility Operator or Address

DCH-3929-D Cessation of Operation of Mobile Facility

DCH-3929-E Change in Memorandum of Agreement

SDF Guidelines for Mobile Dental and PA 161 Program

Sample SDF Consent Form

Contact Information