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What Happens If I Commit Fraud?

MDHHS may hold an administrative hearing, bring criminal charges against you or ask you to voluntarily sign disqualification and repayment agreements if you are suspected of fraud. You will have to repay MDHHS back and may also be disqualified from receiving benefits.

What are the penalties for committing Fraud?

There are standard disqualification periods for each program unless a court order indicates a different disqualification period. The length of time of the standard disqualification period is determined by if this is a first, second or third Intentional Program Violation.

If an individual receives benefits on two or more cases at the same time, the disqualification period is ten years.
A lifetime disqualification is imposed if an individual or any member of the household is:

  • Found guilty in court of trading, buying or selling food assistance program (FAP) benefits.
  • Found guilty in court of trading FAP for firearms, ammunition, or explosives.
  • Found guilty in court for a second offense for trading FAP for drugs.