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What to do if you're not eligible for assistance

If you received a notice from us that you're not eligible for a certain assistance program, you may be able to apply for other programs to get help. In addition to cash assistance, we offer child care, food or state emergency relief assistance.

Go to to find out if you're eligible and apply.

In addition, check out our resources page to learn more about other state government programs that may be able to provide you with the help you need for you and your family.

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If you were denied

If you believe that a decision MDHHS has made about your case is wrong, you have the right to ask for an administrative hearing. You should first discuss the problem with your MDHHS specialist so he or she can explain the situation. Most hearing requests must be in writing and signed by you. However, you do not have to ask for a Food Assistance Program hearing in writing; it can be done in person or by phone. If you request a hearing about a non-hearable or non-appealable issue, your request will be denied. Ask your MDHHS specialist for more information about the hearing rules and appeals process.

Learn more about your rights and responsibilities.