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Learn About Transition

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For Youth

Learning about transition before it happens will help you feel more comfortable when you actually switch to an adult health care provider. As you get older your health needs change, and you need a health care provider who knows how to keep you healthy as an adult. Watch this video to learn more about the difference between pediatric and adult health care or review this chart to see the differences.

There are also many guidebooks, such as this one, Transition Planning: A Guidebook for Young Adults and Families, to help you understand what to do to transition to an adult provider.

Hear about Shane's Story and how he prepared to transition.

The Child Neurology Foundation developed resources to assist youth with Transition to Adulthood with specific guidance for child neurologists related to five different neurological disorders including epilepsy.


For Parents and Caregivers

  • Ask about the transition process at your child's provider office

  • Find out when your child's provider will require them to transfer to an adult provider

  • Learn how your child's provider handles the actual transition to a new provider


For more tools and resources about transition, visit Got Transition.