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How to Locate Payer ID and Other Health Insurance Information

Users can locate a specific payer ID and other health insurance information for a beneficiary by following the steps below.

1. The user first signs into their Provider Portal through CHAMPS.

2. The user then selects “Eligibility Inquiry” from the “Member” tab.

CHAMPS Image 1

3. The user will then enter the “Servicing Provider NPI/Provider ID” and all other required information and select the “Submit” button.

CHAMPS Images 2

4. Next, the user will select the blue hyperlink “Commercial/Other” for more information.

CHAMPS Image 3

5. The next screen will display the Other Insurance information, along with specific Payer IDs for the beneficiary. The user will find the 8 digit Payer ID, under the “Payer ID” column.

CHAMPS Image 4