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WIC Research


Our robust data provides unique opportunities for understanding Michigan WIC clients. These studies can lead to evidence based interventions and decision making to improve the health outcomes for the Michigan women, infants and children we serve each day. Here you will find many of the research collaborations that the Michigan WIC program has been involved in over the last several years. Click here for annual and state-developed PNSS & PedNSS Reports.


If you are interested in a research collaboration with the Michigan WIC program, please contact:


Bagya Kodur

WIC Data and System Management Director (517) 241-2116 





Reports from research:

WIC Infant and Toddler Feeding Practices Study - 2: Infant Year Report:    wic-infant-and-toddler-feeding-practices-study-2-Infant-year-report

WIC Infant and Toddler Feeding Practices Study - 2: Second Year Report:    wic-infant-and-toddler-feeding-practices-study-2-Second-year-report

Ongoing Research

  • "Deciding How to Feed Your Baby" Michigan State University
  • "Barriers to and Motivators for Prevention of Excess Weight in During Pregnancy and Weight Loss in Postpartum" Michigan State University
  • "My Health Button" Medicaid Pilot Study
  • "An Examination of WIC Participant Redemption Patterns Pre and Post EBT Implementation" USDA National Study
  • "Evaluation of the Impact of the Summer Food for Children Household-Based Demonstration of Food Insecurity (SUMFOOD)" USDA National Study
  • "Feeding My Baby- A National WIC Study" USDA National Study
  • "National WIC Vendor Management Study" USDA National Study


Impact of pre-pregnancy body mass index on birth defects: Michigan WIC and Michigan Birth Defects Registry data linkage, 2003-2007 ; Reimink B, McKane P, Ehrhardt J, Eghtedary K, Grigorescu V (2011).

Comparison of maternal pre-pregnancy weight classification methods and the effect on gestational weight gain classification among MI adolescents 2003-2007 ; McKane PL, Grigorescu V, Eghtedary K (2010)

Predictors of repeat pregnancy among Michigan adolescents ages 10-19 years ~Special Supplemental Nutrition program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC), 2003-2007 ; McKane PL, Korzeniewski S, Grigorescu V, Eghtedary K (2009).  

The effect of maternal prenatal BMI on child overweight, obesity and morbid obesity among Michigan WIC participants; McKane PL, Grigorescu V, Eghtedary K.

Michigan Maternal & Child Health County Profiles, 2000 to 2009

Michigan Maternal & Child Health County Profiles, 1996 to 2005