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Michigan WIC Vendor Policy

The MI-WIC Vendor Policy Manual contains the policies for use by Vendors that redeem WIC benefits and by Vendor Relations and Program Integrity staff that administer the WIC Program. Below is also a reference to the federal regulations regarding the Michigan WIC program. Beyond these regulations, all the documents on this page are specific to the State of Michigan and available in PDF format.

Code of Federal Regulations

Quick links to chapters: 

1: Administration

2: Vendor Contracting

3: Pharmacy Vendors

4: Vendor Training

5: Vendor Compliance

6: Vendor Sanctions

7: Vendor Appeals

 1.0 Administration 


 2.0 Vendor Contracting


3.0 Pharmacy Vendors


4.0 Vendor Training


 5.0 Vendor Compliance


 6.0 Vendor Sanctions


 7.0 Vendor Appeals


 WIC Division, Vendor Relations Contact Information