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Health IT Roadmap: Stakeholder Feedback Summary

Report: Preparing for Michigan's Statewide Five-Year Health IT Roadmap

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Past Events

This section provides information on previously scheduled activities for the Michigan Health IT roadmap.

2020 "Connecting and Innovating for Better Health" Stakeholder Engagement Forum Series

In partnership with the Health IT Commission and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, the CedarBridge Group hosted a series of 16 virtual, online stakeholder forums to collect input on what should be included in an update 5-Year Health IT Roadmap for Michigan.

Stakeholders interested in the future health IT functionality, data availability, digital tools and the use of these technologies attended a series of events, occurring in two phases:

  1. Statewide Discovery Forums: Topics and content will be discussed at the state-wide level and collaboration will occur between participants from all regions of Michigan 
  2. Regional Focus Forums: Discoveries made at the state-wide level will be developed into regional breakout sessions where further collaboration will be made between participants in the same region of Michigan

Each forum focused on a subject of topical interest. Please refer to the following list of topics and presentation from each forum meeting.