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CQI Mission Document: This document provides an overview of the Child Welfare CQI Mission, a description of the MDHHS Method for CQI (PITA), Roles and Responsibilities, and the connection of CQI with the MiTEAM Practice Model and Local CQI efforts.

Quality Improvement Activity (QIA) Request Form: As a result of State and Regional CQI efforts, specific Quality Improvement Activities (QIA) may need to be completed at the local level. These activities may vary depending on the phase of PITA the activity is related to.

NEW CQI Plan Template: This template provides a structure for compiling all Continuous Quality Improvement efforts into one CQI Plan. It supports utilizing the Plan, Implement, Track and Adjust (PITA) approach to continuous quality improvement efforts. Goals resulting from Quality Improvement Activities sent from the State or Regional Level should be included in addition to Goals that are identified locally.

Guide for NEW CQI Plan Template

MiTEAM Quality Assurance Analyst Orientation Checklist: This document contains a plan for new MiTEAM Quality Assurance Analysts to become oriented into their new role.