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The EBT Council

The council is an emancipated group within the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA).

The purposes of the council are to:

  • Develop, maintain, and update the rules.
  • Provide a forum for the communication and exchange of EBT -related information for all EBT stakeholders.
  • To act as an information resource for research-and fraud-related activities.

The council consists of:

  • Financial institutions.
  • EBT service providers.
  • Payment networks.
  • Merchants.
  • Government entities.
  • Trade associations.
  • Associations representing the interests of state and local governments.
  • Other stakeholders that are interested in EBT.

States that are committed to using the rules are those within:

  • The Southern Alliance of States.
  • The Northeast Coalition of States.
  • The Western States EBT Alliance.

The council's first major accomplishment was approval of the QUEST Operating Rules on April 25, 1996. The rules will continue to be updated to accommodate new technology and to stay abreast of developments in EBT. Special committees have been established to focus on smart cards and how the rules should be amended to minimize the potential for fraud.