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Using the Quest Logo



The QUEST Mark, acquired by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) exclusively for use in conjunction with EBT, is the logo that enables recipients to easily identify merchants and ATM terminals where their card is accepted. Nationally-recognizable icons are displayed on storefronts to help avoid confusion and delay at the check-out line by indicating whether the merchant accepts only cash account transactions, food assistance only transactions, or food assistance and cash account transactions.

Those participants displaying and using the QUEST Mark are obligated to comply with the terms of both the rules and the Graphic Standards Manual. The Graphic Standards Manual describes the physical characteristics and exact position of the QUEST Mark and graphics on cards. The backbone of the QUEST program is a series of agreements that link EBT participants to an issuer. The issuer is a depository institution that guarantees payment for EBT transactions and is responsible for card issuance and settlement for an EBT Program. The foundation for all agreements in the QUEST program is the Issuer Participation Agreement, which an issuer signs with NACHA. Through the agreement, the issuer agrees to comply with the rules and is authorized to use the QUEST Mark. Once the Issuer Participation Agreement is signed, the QUEST can be displayed on ATM's or by merchants that have an agreement with the issuer or its designated agents. THERE IS NO LICENSING FEE ASSOCIATED WITH THE USE OF THE QUEST MARK.