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Submit a Letter of Intent

A Letter of Intent (LOI) is the first step in the CON application process. An LOI must be filed and processed by the Department prior to submission of an application. Letters of Intent can be submitted online through the Department's CON e-Serve Application via the MILogin system or by paper available on the Electronic Forms page (CON-149). Submission online is encouraged as it helps to expedite the processing of an LOI. 

Based on the LOI information provided, the Project Review Coordinator, notifies the applicant if the proposed project requires CON review/approval and, if yes, the required application forms for the project.  By rule, an LOI will be processed by the Department within 15 calendar days after receipt.

Once the LOI is processed by the Department, the agent listed on the LOI will receive e-mail from the project review coordinator. The agent needs to log into CON e-Serve and click on the link 'CON Application'. The CON number will appear on the screen, then click on the link 'CON'. Applicable links will appear on the left hand side navigation bar - Required Documents, Part 222 and Standards, and Required Forms.  Click on each link to see the contents. Click the right mouse button on the screen to print the pages. If a selected form is not available online the applicant needs to submit the form by paper available on the Electronic Forms page. The required documents can be submitted by email to Project Review Coordinator.

An applicant can revise an LOI once an LOI/application is submitted to the Department. To modify an LOI, contact the CON Evaluation Section at or 517-241-3344 with the Application ID or CON Number, and the nature of the revision. The Department will unlock the LOI as needed and send an e-mail. Once modified, resubmit the unlocked LOI.

Additional information dealing with the filing of a Letter of Intent, application, emergency application, and amendment phases is provided by a workflow chart.