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Submit an Amendment

Applicants can amend an already approved CON as allowed by the CON Administrative Rules.  Amendments can be submitted online through the Department's CON e-Serve Application via the MILogin system or by paper available on the Electronic Forms page (CON-144).  Submission online is encouraged as it helps to expedite the processing of an amendment.

Amendment requests involve a variety of circumstances including changes in the scope of an approved project, changes in how an approved project is financed, authorization for cost overruns, and changes in equipment from that originally approved.

The Administrative Rules allow actual project costs to exceed approved costs by a specified amount due to the difficulty in estimating construction and other capital costs at the time an application is filed; no amendment request is required if the overruns fall below the threshold.

An applicant also must file its amendment with the regional review agency, if any. Online submission of an amendment is automatically filed with the regional review agency. 

Additional information dealing with the filing of a Letter of Intent, application, emergency application, and amendment phases is provided by a workflow chart.