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Annual Survey

The CON Annual Survey is an online tool created by the Southeastern Michigan Health Association (SEMHA) to collect data from facilities approved to offer CON covered services. The data collected is utilized in the CON application process and to ensure facility compliance with the review standards.

ATTENTION!!!!!  Please review the Annual Survey Training Videos for section-by-section assistance. The Department will provide live webinars reviewing the same information provided within the videos. The videos are a way to go at your own pace with the option to pause and replay as needed. 

The following are basic instructions for completing the survey: 

  1. Enter the survey tool.
  2. Select the facility type from the All Facilities menu and the facility from the Select Facility menu. Search capabilities allow users to search by city, facility number, facility name or type. Push the Go button to move to the facility password screen. (Please see Login Training Video)
    1. All facilities will be asked to create a new facility specific password. if you have problems creating a new password, please contact SEMHA at 248-761-1714 or (Please see Password Reset Training Video)
  3. Review the Latest News and Important Information, at the bottom of the page users will be asked to electronically acknowledge they have read the information above. Please enter your first and last name and select submit, this page will no longer appear within the Annual Survey. However, you are able to review under the Annual Survey Training Videos site. 
  4.  Select and complete Section A. (Please see Section A Training Video)
    • Complete and update relevant facility information, including facility name and contact information.
    • Mark Y to all services provided at this facility and N to those not provided.
    • You will see the responses provided by the facility to the previous CY CON Covered Services. These will be grayed out and locked from editing. You will be requested to confirm and attest to any change in CON Covered Services provided by your facility from the previous CY to the current CY.
    • The services marked Y will determine which sections of the survey will be available for completion.
    • Leave an "N" for question "Is the data for this section complete and ready for reporting?" until you are ready to submit the data. Once you change to a "Y" and select submit the section will be locked and you will not be able to make changes.
    • Save your data and select the Next button.
  5. Complete and save each of the required survey sections.
  6. When each section, except Section Z, is complete and ready for submission, mark Y to the question "Is the data for this section complete and ready for reporting?" and submit each section. Each section should show as Completed and be locked from additional changes.
  7. Review and save the invoice from Section Z for your records. Checks are to be made payable to: “State of Michigan” (Checks should never be made out to an individual.) Include the following information within the check memo, or comment, portion in this format: 

Annual Survey Facility No.:  XX-XXXX

Facility Name Check is for:   XXXXXX (If not on the check)

Payment for:                          2023 Annual Survey


Please send all payments (checks) to:

MDHHS Cashier Office, Suite 801

Certificate of Need

P.O. Box 30437

Lansing MI 48933

9. Please review the provided Annual Survey Training Videos, Latest News and Important Information, and General Information/FAQ for assistance. If additional assistance is needed, please reach out to Amanda Curtis at, Christopher Tyranski at, or SEMHA at

Survey Reports: The Annual Survey Data Reports are available. These reports include a wealth of information on Michigan's health care system.

Compliance: Michigan statute, including MCL 333.22237 and 333.22225, requires completion of this survey, and the failure to complete the survey in a timely manner may result in enforcement action. Please note facilities that are delinquent may be subject to department compliance action pursuant to MCL 333.22247, including but not limited to civil fines for noncompliance.