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MI Health Link Information for People with Medicare and Medicaid

MI Health Link is a program that will allow you to get health care and services covered by Medicare and Medicaid. MI Health Link lets you use one plan and one card for health care, behavioral health care, home and community-based services, nursing home care and medications.

You will have your own Care Coordinator who will help link you to your doctors, pharmacies, behavioral health care and long term care supports and services through your health plan. The Care Coordinator will also help make sure that all your doctors and other providers work together to meet your needs and honor your choices. This person will assist with your care plan, answer your questions, help get appointments and services, arrange transportation, and more.

You may be eligible for MI Health Link if you:Older man

  • Live in the counties of Barry, Berrien, Branch, Calhoun, Cass, Kalamazoo, Macomb, St. Joseph, Van Buren, Wayne, or any county in the Upper Peninsula
  • Are age 21 or older
  • Have full Medicare and full Medicaid
  • Are not enrolled in hospice              

MI Health Link Resources Toolkit

Why choose MI Health Link?

  • You will have one plan for all your Medicare and Medicaid benefits including medications.
  • You will not pay any co-payments or deductibles for in-network services including medications (nursing home patient pay amounts still apply).
  • You will have your own Care Coordinator who will:
    • Work with you to create a personal care plan based on your goals
    • Answer your questions and make sure that your heath care issues get the attention they deserve
    • Connect you to supports and services you need to be healthy and live where you want

How do I enroll?

If you are eligible to join, you will receive a letter from Michigan ENROLLS telling you how to enroll and who to contact for help. Your letter will describe your options for MI Health Link. You can:

  • Choose to enroll when you receive your letter
  • Do nothing and if eligible you will be enrolled in a participating health plan
  • Choose not to enroll by contacting Michigan ENROLLS to opt out

You can change health plans or leave MI Health Link at any time.

What to consider when deciding to join MI Health Link 

If you have Medicare health or drug coverage from an employer or union sponsored plan, you can leave that coverage and enroll in MI Health Link. However, you or your dependents could lose that employer or union coverage completely and not get it back if you join MI Health Link. Contact your benefits administrator if you have questions about your current coverage. 


  • After receiving your letter telling you how to enroll, you may want to confirm with your doctor and other healthcare providers that they are participating with the MI Health Link health plan you choose.
  • You may want to check if your medications (prescription and over the counter medications) are covered by the health plan you choose.
  • If you are currently enrolled in MI Choice, you can stay in the MI Choice program or leave MI Choice to enroll in MI Health Link. However, if you later decide you want to return to MI Choice, you may have to go on a waiting list until the program has another opening.
  • If you are currently enrolled in PACE, you can stay in PACE or leave PACE to enroll in MI Health Link. However, if you later decide you want to return to PACE, you can re-enroll if you continue to meet the PACE enrollment requirements. The PACE organization must also have openings for enrollment.

What will happen to my Habilitation Supports Waiver, behavioral health, or personal care/Home Help services if I enroll in MI Health Link?

Habilitation Supports Waiver
Enrolling in MI Health Link will not impact your enrollment in the Habilitation Supports waiver program.  You will continue to receive your waiver services as you do now without any changes.  If you receive Personal Care services through the home help program, the MI Health Link health plan will provide your personal care services along with any medical and pharmacy services you need. 

Behavioral Health
Enrolling in MI Health link will not affect your Medicaid behavioral health services you receive through the Pre-paid Inpatient Health Plan (PIHP).

Personal Care/Home Help
The MI Health Link health plan is responsible to provide your personal care services.  You can continue with your current caregiver.  Ask your caregiver to contact your MI Health Link health plan to enroll as a provider.  The health plan will pay your caregiver for personal care services.  If you live in a specialized residential setting, the MI Health Link health plan and the PIHP/CMH must work together to ensure that personal care services continue as they are currently being provided.


If you have questions please e-mail