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2022 Medicaid Policy Bulletins

This page contains policy bulletins issued in 2022. 

For other years of approved Medicaid policy bulletins, click here.  

For Notices of Proposed Policy, click here.  

For Provider "L" Letters, click here. (Provider "L" letters do not represent promulgated policy and are provided to communicate new developments, information, policy clarifications, etc.)


Archived Proposed Medicaid Policy Distributed for Public Comment and Consultation Summaries 

Archived proposed Medicaid policy distributed for public comment and consultation summaries are available electronically upon request. If you would like to view historical versions of proposed Medicaid policy that were released for public comment or you would like to obtain a consultation summary of any bulletin, e-mail with your request. Please identify the project number of the proposed Medicaid policy or consultation summary if known. If this information is unknown, reference the month, year, and subject of the bulletin or the consultation summary in your request. The documents will be e-mailed to you.

NOTE: Comments will not be accepted for proposed Medicaid policy after the public comment period has closed. 

Issue Date   Bulletin Number Subject  
June 1, 2022  HASA 22-18 Updates to the Medicaid Provider Manual; Code Updates; Changes to the MDHHS Health and Aging Services Administration
June 1, 2022 HASA 22-17 Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) Process Consolidation
June 1, 2022 HASA 22-16 Changes to Blood Pressure Monitor Policy 
June 1, 2022 HASA 22-15 Children's Special Health Care Services (CSHCS) Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
June 1, 2022 HASA 22-14 Children's Special Health Care Services (CSHCS) Eligibility for Adults over 21 Years of Age
May 2, 2022 HASA 22-13 Signature Log and Proof of Delivery Requirements
April 7, 2022 HASA 22-09 Behavioral Health Home (BHH) Expansion 
April 1, 2022 HASA 22-12 Update to Contraceptive Supply Limit
April 1, 2022 HASA 22-11 Update of Blood Lead Reference Value (BLRV) and Recommendations on the Medical Management of Childhood Lead Exposure
April 1, 2022 HASA 22-10

Coverage of Routine Patient Costs for Items and Services Associated with Participation in a Qualifying Clinical Trial

April 1, 2022 HASA 22-08 Postpartum Extension from 60 Days to 12 Months 
March 2, 2022 HASA 22-06 Enrollment of Genetic Counselors
March 1, 2022 HASA 22-07

Updates to the Medicaid Provider Manual

March 1, 2022 HASA 22-05

Electronic Service Verification Changes Affecting Payment

March 1, 2022 HASA 22-01 Peer Recovery Coach Certification
February 18, 2022 HASA 22-02 COVID-19 Response: Coverage of U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) COVID-19 Monoclonal Antibody Injections by Pharmacy Providers
February 11, 2022 HASA 22-04 COVID-19 Response:  Update to Bulletin MSA 21-43
February 8, 2022 HASA 22-03 Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) and Healthcare Code Updates