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Identifying a Michigan Birth Record

All certified copies of birth records issued by the Michigan Vital Records Office have a similar appearance since March 2003 and records of births prior to 1950 have had this appearance since March 2001.

The certified copy is printed on special paper containing many security features. Included are a unique pantographic background, microprinting, visible fibers, invisible fibers, true watermarks, artificial watermarks, thermocratic ink and a die embossed raised seal. We caution that you should not accept the copy if the three heat sensitive images on the back do not disappear when rubbed or pressed and if you cannot verify the presence of the watermarks in the paper by holding the paper to light.

A certified copy of a birth record issued by the State Vital Records Office will contain three distinctive identifying numbers:

(1) The state file number that identifies the record of the birth.
(2) The AFS number that identifies the requestor of the copy.
(3) The security paper number in red bleed through ink that identifies the copy.

Do not accept the copy if all three numbers are not on that copy.

For copies of birth records issued by the State Office prior to March 2001 or March 2003, we suggest that you verify that the birth was registered in Michigan. Click here for a Michigan birth verification application (an $18.00 fee is required).