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Official Statement of No Marriage/No Divorce

Most foreign governments require an official statement of NO MARRIAGE (OR SINGLE STATUS) which contains an "apostille" to be presented by a U.S. citizen in order to be married in a foreign country. The statement needs to indicate that a thorough statewide search was conducted. It would confirm that there is no record of a marriage recorded for the requestor in the State of Michigan and the years searched would be specified.

A separate search is needed for the prospective bride and groom. The search should be conducted from the age of 18 until the present time if the requestor has never been married.

If the requestor has not been a resident of Michigan from the age of 18 until present, the search would need to be conducted for the years that the requestor has resided in Michigan. At that point, the requestor would also need to have a statement from any other state where they have resided as an adult.

If the requestor has been married and divorced since the age of 18, an authenticated copy of both the marriage and divorce record is usually needed, along with a statement of NO MARRIAGE from the year of the divorce to the present.

Please use the "Official Statement of No Marriage" application for the statement of no marriage request and indicate the COUNTRY where it will be used. The initial search fee of $42.00 covers a basic one-year statewide search. Each additional year to be searched would be a $12.00 fee. The application must indicate the specific years to be searched.

Example: If the requestor was age 18 in the year 2010, the search would need to be conducted from 2010 until the present time (2024). The first year (2010) would be covered under the initial search fee of $42.00. Each year thereafter (2011-2024) would be $12.00 each or $168.00 for the additional 4 years. The total search fee for the years 2010-2014 would be $210.00.

Expedited service is available for a rush fee of $25 for the statement of NO MARRIAGE request if you have an urgent need. In addition, please allow an additional 2-3 weeks beyond Vital Records processing times for the Secretary of State's Office of the Great Seal to apply the apostille and return it to this office.