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Authenticated Copies

Authenticated or exemplified copies are also referred to as records containing an apostille. These records are certified and are printed on special security paper and contain a raised, embossed seal. Authenticated records also contain the Great Seal of Michigan as is required by some foreign countries for an international adoption, marriage, establishment of dual citizenship, work visa, or court action in a foreign country.  The same rules for eligibility apply to authenticated records as to certified copies of a record.

An authenticated record is not required for foreign travel.  

When ordering an authenticated copy of a Michigan vital record, you must provide the name of the FOREIGN country where the document will be used. An apostille CANNOT be applied to a document that will be used in the United States.

An authenticated record requires an additional 2-3 weeks processing time at the Office of the Great Seal, in addition to the regular processing time in Vital Records.


Order a birth, death, marriage, or divorce record:

- Online using a credit card
- By mail