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Can the adult adoptee obtain a copy of the original birth certificate?

For those adoptions where the parental rights were terminated prior to May 28, 1945 or after September 12, 1980 a copy of the original certificate of birth may be made available to the adopted person providing there is no denial statement on file with the Central Adoption Registry. To obtain a copy of the live certificate of birth, the court or agency that provided the identifying information would release the proper paperwork to the adopted person who can then present the document to:

Michigan Department of Community Health
Division for Vital Records
201 Townsend Ave, 3rd Floor
Lansing, MI 48913

For more information about the Department of Community Health, including fees or ordering information, visit their website:

For those adoptions that occurred between May 28, 1945 and September 12, 1980, the release of the original birth certificate is contingent upon a court order.