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How much does it cost to adopt a child?

The cost of adoption varies greatly and depends on the type of adoption. The costs typically associated with adopting a child who is a permanent state or court ward are far less than a direct placement or private agency ward adoption. These costs include court filing fees and medical and legal documentation necessary to complete the adoption. Many of these costs can be reimbursed through the state’s non-recurring expenses (NRE) program.

Costs associated with direct placement adoptions can include birth parent expenses and agency fees. Michigan has the Adoption Facilitator Clearinghouse, which maintains information about adoption agencies serving a particular county or counties. The Adoption Facilitator Clearinghouse can provide information about the actual costs adoptive parents incurred when adopting a direct placement child through a private adoption agency. To request this information (please note there may be a fee associated with this service) call 517-335-6075 or submit a written request to:

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
Adoption Program Office
235 S. Grand Avenue, Ste. 514
P.O. Box 30037
Lansing, MI 48909