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How long does it take to process an application?

Each program has a different allowable processing time called Standard of Promptness.

Program  Standard of Promptness
 Expedited Food Assistance (FAP)  7 Days
 Non-expedited Food Assistance (FAP)  30 Days
 Medicaid (MA)  45 Days
 Medicaid for pregnant women  15 Days
 Medicaid with required disability determination  90 Days
 State Disability (SDA)  60 Days
 Family Independence Program (FIP)  45 Days
 Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA)  30 Days
 Daycare (Child Development & Care/CDC)  45 Days
State Emergency Relief (SER) 10 Days

The Standard of Promptness information is printed in the Assistance Application DHS-1171 under the Timely Decisions section.