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Bilingual Interpreter Services

The Department of Health and Human Services will arrange and pay for the cost of a bilingual interpreter to be present at all interviews or situations where an interpreter is necessary and appropriate.

In selecting an interpreter, the preference of the client must be given first priority. If the client does not identify a third party adult to serve as interpreter, each local office must advise clients of other options available which include; 

  • Local office staff who have bilingual interpreter skills. Local offices are encouraged to provide staff resources to meet this need. 
  • Community agencies or volunteers. When volunteers are selected they must have skills that are commensurate with the needed activity and be informed of the department policies on confidentiality.

Minor children or other non-adult relatives of the client may be used as interpreters in the most extraordinary circumstances and only if other kinds of interpreter resources are not available.

LEGAL BASE Public Act 280 and Title IV, XIX and XX of the Social Security Act.