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Limited English Proficiency Guidelines

MDHHS and its agents shall provide at no cost accurate and timely language assistance and effective communication to persons with limited English proficiency. These language services will be provided to current and prospective customers of our services, and other interested persons to ensure them equal access to our services.

To ensure that staff understands the LEP policy, they will be provided training by designated staff from their program offices. The Office of Human Resources will be the coordinator for the training of Agency contractors.

Our Department will provide written translation, in Spanish and Arabic, for Vital Documents used in our programs. Other forms or written material may be translated as needed.

Oral translation services may be provided by a bilingual staff employee. If a staff person is unavailable or there is none for a particular language, arrangements shall be made with a contractual provider of services, volunteer interpreter, or through the language access line contractor.

Monitoring will be completed through yearly compliance reviews and through the investigation of discrimination complaints.

Our Equal Opportunity and discrimination complaint policies are posted in each local office. Complaints of discrimination will be handled as outlined by current program policy.