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Topic Title Summary
Coordinating Entities
Community Care Hubs: Making Social Care Happen Background on the role of Community Care Hubs to serve as a hub for coordinating a local community-based organization network.
Definition of CIE Collaboration and Cross-Sector Data Sharing to Create Healthier Communities
CIE toolkit highlighting insights and strategies on how San Diego approached development of a local CIE.
Definition of CIE Michigan CIE Task Force- Glossary of Terms Key terms with definitions
Definition of CIE Who Has the Power? An Analysis of Where Power Lies Within SDOH Interventions An analysis of where power lies within SDOH interventions.
Definition of CIE; Standards; Resource Directory Data; Identity; Consent; Vocabulary Tackling Data Dilemmas in Social Care Coordination Summary of common challenges that hinder SDOH efforts, focusing on how data are shared among organizations across institutional contexts.
Governance Leveraging Community Information Exchanges for Equitable and Inclusive Data: CIE Data Equity Framework CIE systems-change work requires a community to adopt an anti-racist framework. The CIE Data Equity Framework will help institutions, organizations, and communities to understand, acknowledge, and reconcile systems change work in their communities.
Governance IDS Governance: Setting up for Ethical and Effective Use Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy, Expert Panel Report In 2016, AISP convened four panels of industry experts and documented best practices in the IDS field related to governance, legal issues, technology and security, and data standards.
Identity A Framework for Cross-Organizational Patient Identity Management Recommendations to improve patient matching nationally across different organizations, disparate technologies, and networks.
Legal Is that even legal? A guide for builders experimenting with data governance in the United States Drafted by Mozilla Insights, this research provides builders with an overview of the current legal landscape governing the collection, management, sharing, and use of data; and to identify opportunities for alternative data governance models in existing legal landscapes.
Legal Data Sharing to Build Effective and Efficient Benefits Systems: A Playbook for State and Local Agencies Benefits Data Trust has designed this Playbook as a "how-to" guide for using data sharing to make benefit systems more effective and efficient.
Legal Finding a Way Forward: How to Create a Strong Legal Framework for Data Integration Finding a Way Forward: How to Create a Strong Legal Framework for Data Integration was created by Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy (AISP) to support the essential and challenging work of exchanging, linking, and using data across government agencies.
Longitudinal Data Aggregation/Consent Yes, no maybe? Legal and Ethical Considerations for Informed Consent in Data Sharing and Integration This brief frames out key concepts related to consent; explore major federal laws governing the sharing of administrative data, including individually identifiable information; and examine important ethical implications of consent, particularly in cases when the law is silent or unclear. It also outlines the foundational role of strong governance and consent frameworks in ensuring ethical data use.
Michigan CIE Landscape MI Community Care Washtenaw Health Initiative Overview of MI Community Care (Livingston/Washtenaw region)
Michigan CIE Landscape Impact and Vision in the Livingston/Washtenaw Region Impact and vision report in the Livingston/Washtenaw region
Michigan CIE Landscape Overview of Community Information Exchange (CIE) Efforts Overview of CIE in other states and local efforts in Michigan
Michigan CIE Landscape Michigan Health IT Roadmap: "Bridge to Better Health" Report Summary of the Health IT Roadmap; the engagement and long-term planning efforts in how care systems can leverage health IT in Michigan to improve the health and wellness of all Michiganders.
Michigan CIE Landscape Michigan's Roadmap to Healthy Communities MDHHS social determinants of health strategy.
Michigan CIE Landscape Overview of Health and Social Care Coordination Efforts in Michigan Overview of Michigan CIEs in Michigan
Michigan CIE Landscape Environmental Scan of Social Determinants of Health & Community Information Exchange Efforts Across Michigan Draft findings from MPHI landscape analysis of Michigan health plans, PIHPs, and social service organizations
Michigan CIE Landscape Active CIE use cases/scenarios in Michigan Detailed write up of CIE scenarios that are in production in SE Michigan and Kalamazoo.
National landscape Assessment of Community Information Exchange Landscape in US Environmental scan of existing CIEs across the country.
National landscape Findings From Year 1 of Highlighting and Assessing Referral Platform Participation (HARP) Project highlights from community resource referral platform among Trenton community-based organizations.
National landscape Connect2 Community Network Unified Network Infrastructure Request for Proposals Request for Proposal for Connect2 Community Network CIE.
National landscape Rising Equitable Community Data Ecosystems (RECoDE)- The Voices We Trust: Building Equity-Centered Community Data Ecosystems that Work for Everyone Findings from the Rising Equitable Community Data Ecosystems project, seeking to better understand how we can undo antiuqated and dangerous data systems that limit the power over where when and how data is used to improve individual and community outcomes.
National landscape Social Determinants of Health Information Exchange Toolkit This Toolkit, created by the ONC, is intended to support conveners, facilitators, implementers, and the health IT community.
National landscape HHS Approves Groundbreaking Medicaid Initiatives in Massachusetts and Oregon Initiatives will ensure children in Oregon have continuous Medicaid coverage until the age of six and expand access to coverage and address nutrition and housing needs in Massachusetts and Oregon.
Resource Directory Information Capacities Averting Tragedy of the Resource Directory Anti-Commons: A Practical Approach to Open Data Infrastructure for Health, Human, and Social Services This article analyzes the service directory problem and describes a set of strategic frameworks for the sustainable provision of service directory data as an infrastructural public good.
Standards MiHIN Interoperability Pledge Michigan Health Information Network Interoperability Pledge
Sustainability Social Care/SDoH Michigan Payer Incentives Comparative Table A listing of practices regarding the general framework of social care payer policies.
Sustainability In Pursuit of Whole Person Health: Leveraging Medicaid Managed Care & 1115 Waivers to Address SDOH Manatt explores how states are using two key tools-Medicaid managed care contracts and 1115 waivers- to address unmet social needs of people with Medicaid coverage.
Sustainability Financing Strategies to Address the Social Determinants of Health in Medicaid Overview of Medicaid financing strategies in use to address unmet social needs of consumers.
Sustainability SHO# 21-001 RE: Opportunities in Medicaid and CHIP to address Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Medicaid guidance issued by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for states to address the social determinants of health
Sustainability How North Carolina is Using Medicaid to Address Social Determinants of Health Report from the Center for American Progress regarding their use of a Section 1115 Medicaid waiver to address unmet social needs.
Sustainability Incorporating Community-Based Organizations in Medicaid Efforts to Address Health-Related Social Needs: Key State Considerations Report from the Center for Health Care Strategies exploring insights from early state innovators to help guide states, HCOs, and CBOs in shaping and navigating successful CBO-HCO relationships.
Sustainability BCBSM Physician Group Incentive Program Interpretive guidelines developed by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan for their Physician Group Incentive Program regarding patient-centered medical home and patient-centered medical home-neighbors.
Values, Principles, Rights Michigan Multipayer Initiatives: Guiding Principles for Data Sharing in Performance-Based Payment (PBP) Models An overview of data sharing principles in performance-based payment models.
Values, Principles, Rights The Community Bill of Rights The Community Bill of Rights was created by community leaders with support from the Full Frame Initiative. The Community Bill of Rights is a guiding tool to bridge the gaps between what truly matters to the community and the systemic injustices they endure while navigating institutions and services.
Values, Principles, Rights Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights A guide for the use of automated systems that may impact the public's rights, opportunities, and/or access to critical needs.
Values, Principles, Rights CMS Manual System Pub. 100-07 State Operations Provider Certification Interpretive Guidelines for Hospitals and Critical Access Hospitals Clarification and summary for existing hospital regulations in 42 CFR 482.13(a) and (b) and 42 CFR 482.14(h), concerning hospital patients' rights, including advance directive and visitation rights. Clarification for critical access hospitals regarding 42 CFR 485.608(a) concerning compliance with federal laws and regulations including regulations governing advance directives and required patient disclosures. Guidance for new 42 CFR 485.635(f) concerning CAH patient's visitations rights.