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Continuing Education Offered by the Department

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Bureau of EMS, Trauma, and Preparedness (BETP) makes available the following education modules to our EMS personnel. All webinars are 1 credit hour unless otherwise documented.

NOTE: These presentations are best viewed utilizing a laptop or desktop computer screen.  The slides are difficult to read if using a cellular device or tablet.


Pharmacology For The Pre-Hospital Provider  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1096442)

Leave Behind Naloxone Kits: An EMS Harm Reduction Strategy  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1093532)

Pharmacology For The MFR/EMR/EMT  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1063665)

EMS & The Opioid Crisis  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1068744)

Michigan Medical-Legal  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1083478)



Airway & COVID-19  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1091094)

Pediatric Airway  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1095181)

Pediatric Airway With Dr. Goyal  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1105078)



Human Trafficking: An EMS Call To Action  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1079509)

Patient Assessment with Case Review  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1105707)

Pediatric Assessment  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1091469)

Pediatric Assessment: DOSE-Safe Sleep Seminar  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1080336)



Cardiac Emergencies  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1099125) 

Sepsis  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1091990) 

Different Strokes  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1078869)

Kratom: An Emerging Issue  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1079882)

Pre-Hospital Childbirth: Interacting With Certified Nurse-Midwives  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1095174)

Pediatric Autism Spectrum Disorder  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1093699)

Pediatric Sepsis: Pediatric First Response (2.5 credits)  CLICK HERE



Trauma  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1092652)

Pediatric Trauma  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1090051)

Pediatric Trauma: Child Abuse  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1092369)





Emergency Preparedness  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1081812)

Ambulance Child Restraint System (0.5 credit)  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1067110)

MI-EMSIS Agency Administrators  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1080700)

MI-EMSIS: Filling Out PCR's  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 108076)

MI-EMSIS: Analytical Reporting  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1080793)

EMS Documentation  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1103757)

History of EMS  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1103624)

Ethical Guidelines For Implementing Crisis Standards of Care  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1105145)



Instructional Techniques

Ethics In The Classroom  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1092165)

Teaching The Neuro Assessment  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1090086)

Bias In Education  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1103586)

Education Administration

Continuing Education eLicensing Portal Application Process Training  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1095934)

Program Director & Program Sponsor Representative Training  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1092149)

Measurement & Evaluation

The Affective Domain & Professional Development  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1099086)

NREMT Test Item Writing  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1096015)

Test Item Writing  CLICK HERE  (course ID # 1091157)