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SSP History

A Brief History of SSP in Michigan

The first SSP started in North America started in Tacoma, Washington in 1988. SSPs in Michigan began in the mid-1990’s. Prior to 2017, 5 “Legacy” SSPs existed in the state of Michigan. These programs are identified as "Legacy" programs because they operated prior to federal or state support. The rising hepatitis C and drug poisoning (overdose) death rates indicated a strong need for expansion of SSPs throughout the state. The ban on using federal funds to support SSP was relaxed in 2016 following an HIV outbreak in rural Indiana


The Road to Funding:

·2016 Request for Determination of Need from CDC 
·2016 Determination of Need from CDC
·2017 Need for SSP Letter to Stakeholders
·2017 County-Level Vulnerability Assessment for Rapid Dissemination of HIV or HCV
·2017 Readiness to Implement SSP Powerpoint
·2018 Funding Letter to Local Health Departments