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SSP Implementation

Implementation Resources

MDHHS Syringe Service Program Guidelines (PDF) - Manual is designed to outline the process of developing and starting a Syringe Service Program (SSP) in your specific area 

CDC Syringe Services Programs (SSPs) - Developing, Implementing, and Monitoring Program Tools/Resources (PDF)

Part B Coverage of Treatment and Services in Syringe Services Programs (SSPs) (Web Link) (Fact Sheet)

Safe X-Change Rules (doc)


Legality of Syringes and Syringe Service Programs in Michigan – Public Health Code Act 368 of 1978 

Michigan Good Samaritan Law (PDF)

Syringe Service Programs and Exposure to LiabilityLearn more on what the liability and other legal considerations are associated with implementing a SSP (PDF)

Mail-Based Harm Reduction Service Delivery in Michigan - Learn about the state and federal laws surrounding mail-based harm reduction service delivery (PDF)