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Customer Services

All of Michigan's pre-paid inpatient health plans (PIHPs) that manage the Medicaid mental health, developmental disabilities and substance abuse treatment benefits are required by contract to have a customer services unit. It is the function of the customer services unit to be the front door of the PIHP and to convey an atmosphere that is welcoming, helpful, and informative. In 2006, MDCH developed customer services standards, customer handbook standard language (including a descriptive list of all Medicaid mental health, developmental disability and substance abuse treatment covered services), and a training curriculum for PIHP customer services staff.

Medicaid Customer Services Hotline: 1-800-642-3195 / Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities Administration Customer Services Hotline: 1-844-275-6324

CMHSP and PIHP Customer Services Representatives

PIHP Customer Services Standards

CS Template #1: Confidentiality and Family Access to Information

CS Template #2: Coordination of Care

CS Template #3: Emergency and After-Hours Access to Services

CS Template #4: Definition of Terms

CS Template #5: Grievance and Appeals Processes

CS Template #6: Accessibility and Accommodations

CS Template #7: Payment for Services

CS Template #8: Person-Centered Planning

CS Template #9: Recipient Rights

CS Template #10: Recovery and Resiliency

CS Template #11: Service Array

CS Template #12: Service Authorization

CS Template #13: Tag Lines

CS Template #14: Fraud, Waste and Abuse