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Informational Links

MDHHS - Behavior Treatment Plans (

The following links will redirect you to additional information on disability rights:

Job Accommodation Network - ADA Hotlinks and Document Center 

Civil Rights
Reaching Out to Customers with Disabilities 

Civil Rights Coalition 

Government Benefits 
Social Security Administration 

Social Security Administration - Disability Programs 

ADA - Q and A's on ADA and State Government 

ADA - Q and A's: Supplement to 2013 DOJ/DOT Joint Technical Assistance on Title II 

ADA - Technical Assistance: Testing Accommodations

Social Security Administration - Disability and SSI - Apply for
Disability Benefits 

Disability and the Law 

Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law 

Disability History
The Disability Rights Movement - Smithsonian National Museum of
American History 

DMTAC Great Lakes ADA Center 

Disability Groups in Michigan
Disability Rights Michigan (DRM)

Communities of Power - Organization of Michigan Disability

Educational Resources for Students with Disabilities
A Guide to Visual Disabilities: 

College Resources for Students with Disabilities: 

Scholarships for Students with Disabilities: 

Laws and Regulations (Federal)
Laws and Regulations/

Michigan Disability Resources

National Disability Groups 
National Council for Support of Disability Issues 

Center for Accessible Technology 


Disability and Use of Service Animals