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Michigan Veterans and TBI

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Veterans returning from combat may have a  traumatic brain injury (TBI) caused by direct or indirect involvement with an improvised explosive device (IED), mortars, grenades, bullets, car accidents or falls. Called the invisible wound because injury can be sustained without visible indicators, the extent of damage from brain injury is not always realized until the soldier comes home to his or her community; and even then it might not be recognized as a brain injury for several years.

On behalf of the citizens of Michigan, the Department of Community Health and the Joint Veterans Council of Michigan extend a heartfelt appreciation to you for your Honorable Service to our country.  You served us well and with dignity when you were needed. We want you to know,

"We are here for you NOW!" 

Helping Our Returning Troops
It is difficult to return home from an intensive combat environment. It takes a lot of understanding and patience on the home front as our troops adjust back to their previous lives. In many cases, they may never be completely the same. It is even tougher for those that have sustained a TBI during their combat tour. It is critical that the family members, close friends and co-workers of troops returning from combat understand and watch for TBI and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms.

More information about services that may be available to veterans can be found at:

  • Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency at 800-MICH-VET (800-642-4838) or

  • Educational Materials section of this website provides documents describing TBI and available resources.
  • Brain Injury Association of Michigan (BIAMI) works to improve the lives of those affected by brain injury through education, advocacy, research, and local support groups. In 2007, BIAMI created a Veteran's Program to specifically help veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with TBI. Contact them at 800-772-4323 or


Resources for Veterans 

Resources for Veterans with Brain Injury and Their Families
This tri-fold brochure provides an overview of TBI with information and available support services specific to veterans.