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Reports and Science


Michigan Fish Consumption Advisory Program Guidance Document (2016 v4.0)

Michigan Fish Consumption Data & Recommendation Sheets 

(If you have questions, please call 1-800-648-6942 to talk to one of our Eat Safe Fish toxicologists. This information is for data purposes only. Please use the Eat Safe Fish Guides to determine how much fish is safe to eat.)

DEQ Fish Contaminant Monitoring Program 


Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Project - Final Report - Assessing Michigan's Beneficial Use of Sport-Caught Fish [in Areas of Concern]

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Project - Final Report - Measuring Perfluorinated Compounds in Michigan Surface Waters and Fish

Case Studies of Community-based Fish Consumption Advisories at Three Michigan Great Lakes Areas of Concern

Michigan Fish Consumption Screening Values (FCSVs)

Area-Specific Reports & Health Consultations


Environmental Justice and Fish Consumption Advisories on the Detroit River Area of Concern 


Dioxin Reports & Health Consultations

Fish Consumption Survey of People Fishing and Harvesting Fish from the Saginaw Bay Watershed 

Saginaw River Health Consultation 

Executive Summary of Saginaw River Health Consultation 

Tittabawassee River Health Consultation 

Marquette County

Goose Lake Selenium Letter of Health Consultation


Great Lakes Consortium