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Safe Sleep

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Safe Sleep

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Why is Safe Sleep Important?

A Michigan baby dies every 2 ‐ 3 days due to sleep‐related causes and following the safe sleep steps can help prevent these types of deaths.

Steps to Keep Your Baby Safe

Follow the Safe Sleep Steps for every sleep – nap time and night time.


Place baby on the back to sleep.


Place baby in a crib, bassinet or pack and play with a firm mattress and a tightly fitted sheet. Baby’s sleep surface should be flat.


Keep baby’s sleep space clutter free—no pillows, blankets or toys.


Feed your baby human milk, if you can.


Keep baby’s sleep space near your bed—share your room, not your bed.


Make sure baby doesn’t get too warm. If you think baby is cold, use a sleep sack or wearable blanket.


Keep baby’s environment smoke- and nicotine-free.


Remind everyone who cares for your baby how to keep baby safe while sleeping.

Safe Sleep Resources

Safe Sleep for Parents

Resources for parents on how to keep your baby safe while sleeping.

Parent resources

Resources by County

Find local resources for safe sleep education and sleep environments for baby.

Local resources

EMS Agencies & Fire Departments

Learn how EMS Agencies and Fire Departments can identify unsafe sleep practices, provide on scene education, and connect families support services.

EMS and Fire Dept. resources

Breastfeeding & Safe Sleep

Learn how breastfeeding and safe sleep work together to reduce the risk of sleep-related infant death and find breastfeeding support.

Breastfeeding resources

Safe Sleep for Professionals

Resources for professionals working with families.

Professional resources


View product recalls and other announcements related to infant safe sleep.

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