Client Resources

These are items are not available through E-forms.  To order WIC publications, contact your WIC coordinator. This will reduce multiple staff members ordering duplicative materials.

Free Printable Client Resources

Office of Women’s Health Your Guide to Breastfeeding

USDA WIC Breastfeeding Support Printable Resources

Storage and Preparation of Breast Milk     English    Spanish

Why WIC for Breastfeeding Families flyer

WIC Materials Available to our Maternal Child Health Partners



Breastfeeding Advocacy

General Breastfeeding Searches and Questions

  • Coffective: General information provided at WIC clinics and some hospitals

Other Helpful Parenting Websites


Infant Risk Center:  Information on medications and breastfeeding:  (806) 352-2519, 8AM-5PM Central Standard Time


          Breastfeeding Solutions: An Interactive Guide to Solve Common Breastfeeding Problems

          Mother’s Milk and Medications

  • InfantRisk Center

  • MommyMeds

  • Hale’s Meds


Breastfeeding Management 2

WIC Connect