WIC Approved Foods

Beginning March 1, 2021, a new Michigan WIC Food Guide went into effect and the items available for scanning and charging to customers' WIC EBT cards changed. This change occurred when your store's POS accessed the updated Approved Product List (APL).


The New Food Guide is below in English, Spanish, and Arabic. To assist Vendors in understanding the changes, a descriptive list of changes and communications related to WIC foods are also listed below.


WIC Food Guide

Click Here for the new Food Guide in English

Click Here for the new Food Guide in Spanish

Click Here for the new Food Guide in Arabic

Click Here for a List of Changes


WIC Foods and Minimum Stock Requirements Communications

January 28, 2021 New Food Guide 

February 1, 2021 List of Changes to Food Guide

February 16, 2021 WIC Program Updates Webcast 

April 19, 2021 New Minimum Stock Requirements and Selection Criteria 


Minimum Stock Requirements

Corresponding with the new WIC Food Guide, the Minimum Stock Requirements and WIC Vendor Selection Criteria will change on July 1, 2021. A descriptive list of changes and the policies are listed below.


WIC Vendor Monitoring Visit Reports


Requesting Items for WIC Food Authorization

The Michigan WIC Program is continuing to evaluate new foods to be authorized. If you are aware of foods that meet current WIC Food Guide authorization criteria but are not scanning on your WIC-capable POS system, please submit requests for the program to consider items using the form below.


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