The Injury and Violence Prevention Section works with state and local partners to help Michigan communities stop injuries and violence. Here is what we do:

    • Collect and explain data on injury and violence
    • Develop and evaluate prevention programs
    • Provide tools, technical assistance, and information
    iIVPS Injury Prevention Starts With You Graphics damage or harm to the body resulting in impairment or destruction of health.     Examples are broken bones, cuts, brain damage, spinal cord injury, poisoning and burns. 
    IVPS Injury Infographic
    • Is the leading cause of death and disability for Michiganders, ages 1-44
    • Leading causes of death include: motor vehicle crashes, falls, and for infants less than 12 months of age, unsafe sleep environments.
    • Occurs in very predictable patterns, with recognizable risk factors in identifiable populations
    • Is preventable

    INPS Violence Graphic

    is the intentional use of power or force against oneself or another person. Violence can be physical, psychological or sexual. Examples are suicide, sexual assault, and bullying. 

    • Can lead to life-long mental and physical health problems
    • Increases the risk of being a victim or perpetrator of further violence
    • Is a learned behavior
    • Is preventable