Michigan Crisis and Access Line (MiCAL)

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The Michigan Crisis and Access Line (MiCAL) is still in development and will be rolled out in phases, beginning with the pilot regions of Oakland County and the Upper Peninsula at the end April 2021. The anticipated target date of full implementation across Michigan is Fall of 2022.


Michigan Crisis and Access Line (MiCAL) staff will provide Michiganders with crisis and warm line services, informational resources, and facilitated coordination with local systems of care (Community Mental Health Services Programs [CMHSPs], Prepaid Inpatient Health Plans [PIHPs], and other applicable entities). MiCAL will be staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will offer support through phone, text, and chat. The Department is looking forward to partnering with Common Ground as the staffing vendor selected for MiCAL.

In addition, MiCAL will integrate with treatment registries (e.g., psychiatric beds, substance use disorder services, crisis residential services) as required by Public Act 658 of 2018. To support the work, MiCAL will utilize a customer relationship management (CRM) database infrastructure to track, monitor, assign, follow up, and report on access line operations. The CRM will also be leveraged to bolster internal BHDDA operations. MDHHS will maintain operational oversight of MiCAL and work with PIHPs, CMHSPs, and other entities to ensure it is optimally executed.

Please feel free to reach out to the MiCAL team at MDHHS-BHDDA-MiCAL@michigan.gov if you have any questions or suggestions about MiCAL or the development of MiCAL. If you need behavioral health help, please click here



Michigan Mental Health Code at MCL 330.1165

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Press Release: MDHHS Announces New Crisis Line Launching April 2021